A few months ago I upgraded to 600Amps for my Internet service and I could not be happier. I previously had a different internet provider and spent most of the year without service.

I contacted Rick Duvall at 600Amps late in the day, and he came out to my house that night. It was pouring down rain but that did not stop Rick from doing the install. With 600Amps, I now have much faster internet speed and no problem with my internet service going out time after time as I did with the previous Internet company.

Rick can be trusted to do what he says and he does not make his customers stay home all day waiting for him to complete a service call. He gives you an appointment, and he arrives on time.

We had an electrical storm and the lightning caused our receiver to stop receiving a signal. Rick called ME to let me know our service had been interrupted and he was on his way to see what was wrong. Never, ever have I heard of an Internet company calling to tell you that your service was down and that they were on their way to fix it.

I would recommend 600Amps and Rick Duvall to anyone who wants great customer service and fast Internet service. This is a great local business that believes in taking great care of their customers.

Bob Coon
Satisfied Subscriber

I am the owner of Wild Rivers Motorlodge in Brookings, Oregon. Our company has been working with 600 amps for website hosting and wireless internet since 2007. Rick Duvall, owner of 600Amps, was instrumental in creating our website, hosting it and at the same time providing wireless internet service to our hotel.

Over the years, Rick has been very easy to work with, extremely knowledgeable and available as we have needed based on connectivity, quality of services and equipment, and various upgrades throughout the last 10 years.

Four years ago we transitioned to new telephone service which utilizes 600Amps connection. At the time of this transition, it was recommended that we use either Charter or Frontier to provide internet services related to the telephone equipment. We were told it would be more reliable through a DSL connection. At that time I decided to stay with 600Amps, and it was definitely one of our best choices. Rick was extremely helpful in the transition, working long hours, onsite and offsite, to ensure that the transition was smooth and seamless.

Any issues we have had in these past 4 years with telephone, internet, or website have been handled expediently and efficiently. I highly recommend 600Amps Internet Services to anyone, business or personal.

Ken Bryan, Owner
Wild Rivers Motorlodge

Before making the switch to 600Amps, we would lose internet connectivity in our office at least a few times daily. As we are a business that relies heavily on technology, this was a significant issue for us and had a negative impact on our operations. After talking with Rick about our issues, he was immediately responsive to our needs and had the internet connected and running before the end of that business day. Since making the switch to 600Amps, not only is our connection speed faster, we have not lost connectivity once! Having an internet connection we can rely on has increased our operational efficiencies and increased job satisfaction among the staff. I would highly recommend 600Amps to anyone, whether for your home or office. Rick understands the meaning of customer service and is a pleasure to work with!

Keri Culhane, Executive Director
Coastal Home Health & Hospice